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Who's That Girl?

Professionally, my experience has ranged across sales, training, public speaking, consulting, all the managements (product/project/talent) and mentoring. I have lived and worked all over the globe including Singapore, Australia, South Africa, and Thailand, just to name a few. My tendency to move around and embrace new opportunities allowed me to continually experience the uncomfortable space of the unfamiliar.


It has been a wild ride and certainly not always a smooth one. However, nothing prepared me for the biggest challenge I would face in my professional career. The SIDE-HUSTLE! While working a full-time job for a global tech giant, I could no longer ignore the personal mission that was lying dormant inside of me. Unsure of how I could manage both, I launched my company and took the plunge.

Best. Decision. Ever.

Becoming an entrepreneur challenged the way I saw my own achievements and strengths. It forced me to really know my values and be intentional about my goals. From that moment, I started my long term relationship with clarity! When you harness that kind of power, you get to write your own script! Mind blown.


Becoming an entrepreneur transformed my life! That’s a big statement, I realize, and I’m sticking with it.


If you have big goals for your side-hustle business while you continue to kick butt in your 9-5 or if you are looking to take the plunge into being a full-time entrepreneur, then you are my people. I have a genuine passion for helping people to connect with their goals and build strategies to get there. I believe that everyone holds the power to empower themselves, they just need the right tools and once equipped, will be ready to step into the unknown and take no prisoners.


Want to know more? Contact me today!

Insta Stuff: @bridgetcobbcoaching, #bridgetcobbcoaching

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