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The Energetic Entrepreneur Mini-Workshop


Awareness is a powerful tool in our arsenal as we build our business.

  • Bring focus to what motivates and demotivates you so you can get more done.

  • Release blockers that are holding you back from thinking big.

  • Build action plans that lead to customers.

BCC Mini Business Plan


Maximize your time and energy by harnessing the 5 KEY ELEMENTS of a business plan to give your side-hustle business the priority it deserves.

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Easy-Peasy Sprint Planner


Launch more with action plans that get results. Grab your free Sprint Planner and find the clarity and confidence you need to deliver more value to the customers you love (with the time you have around your 9-5)!

The Next Step...

Kick-start your journey towards starting or reinvigorating your side-hustle business with this power-packed, 3-session coaching opportunity.

  • Unblock yourself and start hitting milestones

  • Identify where to focus your energy to get the best results

  • Define your core values and how to use them

  • Create a plan to kick procrastination's butt!

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