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Make Decisions Quickly & Confidently

You know that big goal you have been sitting on for far too long? You can get it done. It's time to bring it home. I'll show you how.

I help women overcome imposter syndrome to quickly and confidently move towards their life goals. Build belief, connect with commitment and start taking decisive action. Your best life awaits.

I want to take action, what am I missing? 


Studies show you are 77% more likely to achieve your goals when you declare them publicly. With the support of a Big Decision Coach, you will be held accountable to the actions you set for yourself, week on week.


Even when we have all the information we need, we still get lost on where to start. Learn how to take repetitive action - day by day, week by week with the right tools to keep you on track.


This is the kicker. If you don't address the mindset blockers holding you back, no toolkit in the world will get you to your goal. Dig deep with 1:1 coaching to get out of your own way.

Valued Client Feedback

Bridget is a breath of fresh, competent, and collaborative air! With limited information and context, she immediately added much creativity and results-focused insights to our team’s group coaching program. I highly recommend her as a coach because she helped me expand my perspectives to access new ideas. - Jennifer Havens, Amazon.Coach, Amazon Stores

As a leadership development professional and manager for over 20 years, I have had the benefit and privilege of working with some amazing people! One of the best has been Bridget Cobb. Bridget gets it. She is creative in her approach, listens in between the lines, and is unafraid to ask the tough questions. Working with the Leadership Institute in Amazon, Bridget engaged with senior leadership through the Selling Partner Services organization, bringing value to executive off-sites as well as providing invaluable leadership development to our future leaders as a top-notch facilitator. Her passion to fearlessly help senior leaders cut through the noise to achieve the results they want, makes her an asset to any organization lucky enough to hire her. - Aimee Windmiller-Wood, Head of Leadership Institute, Amazon

I had long been holding on to a goal to launch my own business and Bridget was the impetus I needed to put a wish in to a plan. From conversations to questions to get-it-done homework, we found the steps that got me out of my own way. 


If you get the chance to work with Bridget take it! You and your goals will be better off for it. - Kristin Graham, Founder, Kristin Graham Communications

I attended a workshop hosted by Bridget that focused on authentic networking and finding your voice. It’s incredible to have watched a photographer, auditor, career coach, and resume writer leave the event with a way (or many ways) in which they can all help each other support and grow their business. - Ashley Barnes, Customer Success Executive, Vybrant

Bridget is Awesome! Easy to talk to and exudes genuine care and uplifting energy.


At each session she has me digging deep within to find the root of what stifles my motivation and holds me back from fulfilling my goals of reaching greater heights of personal fulfillment and service to my loved ones and my community.

I leave the session with my mind less cluttered and with a focus for the week or small actionable steps I can take. Working with Bridget has me walking a much straighter path, with fewer hurdles and detours, towards my personal and professional goals. - Nancy Rajaei, Executive Director, Lanai Youth Center

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