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Bridget is a Certified Professional Coach and Master Facilitator with more than 15 years of experience in coaching and training. She has a passion for people, new experiences and big energy. It is her life's mission to work with people that not only have wild dreams, but are serious about bringing them to life.

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The BCC Story

Professionally, Bridget's experience has included coaching, leadership development facilitation & design, sales, public speaking, consulting and project management. She has lived and worked across North America, Africa and Austral-Asia, providing full-time and consultancy services for businesses ranging from solopreneurs to high-tech global corporations. For the past 6 years, Bridget has worked with executives at Amazon, elevating leadership styles by highlighting emotional intelligence and effective communication.


Above all, Bridget is a DO-ER. Her passion for decisive action and follow through as taken her on some wild adventures.  In her corporate days, Bridget took up Board of Director positions in DEI organizations such as Women@Amazon and spearheaded the redesign of Women's Leadership Program for hundreds of up-and-coming women leaders in her organization. Bridget's love of communication and knowledge-share was center stage in her creation of multiple podcasts as well as founder of Amazon's first internal podcast network. She has worked with hundreds of small businesses across Africa and Austral-Asia educating owner/operators about the value of brand awareness. Bridget’s work with entrepreneurs included launching and mastering the massive action mindset.

Bridget launched Bridget Cobb Coaching in 2018. She lives in Seattle with her partner Mike and daughter Phoebe. When she is not working with inspiring clients, she enjoys the amazing Washington ski slopes and killer craft beer scene.


Let's connect.

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