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Frequently Asked Questions


What is a mastermind group?

A mastermind group is a curated group of individuals that come together to support each other towards a common goal. In this case, that goal is taking definitive action! The group members lend their own knowledge/expertise to the greater group, hold each other accountable and celebrate each other's successes.


How does it work?

The mastermind connects multiple times weekly. Hive Mind Sessions bring the whole cohort together for group coaching on Mondays. Small groups meet weekly for brainstorming, feedback and support on Fridays. Each member will also receive 1:1 coaching sessions to address specific mindset blocks.


Who should join?

Those that are ready to put down the excuses and pick up their goal. If you are ready to stop waiting for the perfect timing, challenge the imposter syndrome or face the doubt or fear, this is for you. You could be ready to:

  • Write your book

  • Launch your new product line

  • Start a business/side-hustle

  • Change careers

  • Start a podcast

  • Open an e-store

  • Develop a new skill

  • Design an app

Not sure if your goal applies? Reach out to me!


What if my goal timeline is longer/shorter than 6 weeks?

The mastermind group is designed to give you enough time to embed the habits needed master massive action. If your project or goal takes shorter than the 6 week cohort, imagine how you can stretch yourself past the goal with the remainder of the time. If the project takes longer, maximize your time within the cohort to leap forward and consider joining the next cohort if you need additional support to continue.


What are the categories for?

When you join a cohort, you will be asked to identify two areas where you believe you can add value to the group.  Select the top 2 categories where you can add additional insight. Small groups will be matched to provide the best range of skills possible. Categories include:

  • Creativity - Think outside the box, inventive, visionary

  • Strategy - Big picture, future focused, tactical

  • Process - Organizer, stream-liner, lover of efficiency

  • Influence - Collaborator, seller of ideas, motivator

  • Other - What else do you bring?


Can I have more 1:1 coaching?

Absolutely. I'm available for additional 1:1 coaching inside of the mastermind. If you are not ready for the Mastermind Group yet, reach out to learn about 1:1 coaching packages to get you ready.

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