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Ready, Set, Launch! Mastermind Group

Are you ready to claim your seat in a powerful mastermind group that will provide the accountability, support and coaching required to take massive action in your business?

The Ready, Set, Launch! Mastermind Group is a three-month, virtual mastermind group focused on launching a specific business, product or event in Quarter 3 of 2020.

Seats are limited (capped at 8 participants).

I'll Take That Seat!

The mastermind

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1:1 COaching

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Support & Resources

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Bi-Weekly Mastermind Group Meetings


Join the virtual bi-weekly meeting with your fellow Masterminders to discuss launch progress, current or potential roadblocks, feedback and advice and general hot launch topics.

What you get:

  • 7 x 90 min Virtual Mastermind Meetings - Running from April X to July X.

    • Dates include X, X, X, X, X, X, X

  • 3 x Facebook Live Q&A Sessions – Join the alternating bi-weekly Q&A sessions for a touch base between Mastermind calls. Include numbers?

    • Dates include X, X, X


  • $700 - higher

1:1 Coaching Sessions

In addition to support from your group, capitalize on 1:1 coaching sessions with Bridget to ensure you have the mindset, energy and strategies you need to launch in Quarter 3.

What you get:

  • 4 x 50 min 1:1 Coaching Virtual Sessions to be used any time during the Q2 Mastermind time period. To help you move past your personal blocks that keep you from reaching your full potential.

    • Sessions must be used between X and X.


  • $900

Resources & Support

Enhance your plan with resources, tools and strategies to keep you on track.

What you get:

  • Private Ready, Set, Launch Facebook Group to stay accountable to your group and share your milestones.

  • Accountability Tracker shared by the group to track current progress and future action points. Within the group and for 1:1 coaching sessions – talk about value to them

  • Mini-Business Plan – ensure you identify your business mission and that your Q3 launch aligns.

  • Launch Plan – Work backwards from your Q3 launch date to create a launch plan that will work for you.



Your Commitment







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