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An Entrepreneur in Motion...

As entrepreneurs, we wear many hats from day to day - CEO, Accountant, Marketer, HR, Product Manager; to name a few. But there is one hat that many entrepreneurs don’t realize they wear at all times! A role that can make or break your business on a daily basis. A role that would benefit every entrepreneur to master.

The role of the Physicist!

That’s right. You apply the principles of physics to your business every day, with each decision and dream, failure and success. Your ability to recognize the importance of physics, understand the impact it has to your business and master the basic principles can open new doors to creativity and productivity.

So how does physics apply to your business? It shows up every day as Newton’s Law.

Sir Isaac Newton introduced the world to his three laws of motion in 1686. While Sir Newton’s theories are most often applied to physical objects, we can take the principles of these theories and easily translate them to our own journeys as entrepreneurs.

First Law

An object in motion tends to stay in motion (same goes for rest) until acted upon by an outside force = Inertia

Our business has the potential to grow, plateau or decline at any given time. What determines this is how we show up each and every day. When we show up with curiosity, compassion and determination, our business responds by continuing in its forward direction towards growth. If we change that energy to an opposing doubt, fear or apathy, our business slows or even stops all together. Our feelings and thoughts are the external forces that determine whether our business propels into the future or comes to a screeching halt.

Second Law

The velocity of an object changes when subjected to an external force. = Momentum

Acknowledging your milestones, accomplishments and successes are a powerful way to build momentum in your business. Building a practice of self-recognition can help you identify your strengths – which can lead to new ideas on how to capitalize on those strengths. As your confidence in your strengths grow, so does the value you can bring to your customers and happy customers build an ever happier business.

Third Law

For every action, there is an opposite and equal reaction = Thrust/Lift

We have all experienced the discomfort of change and the unknown. We often explore this space when we experiment within our businesses. But for each time we open ourselves up to the awkwardness and uncertainty of taking a risk on a new idea, we also open up for personal/professional growth and unlimited opportunity. The growth happens in the mindset that recognizes the initial fear and self-doubt but understands that it can use that same energy to push forward towards constructive thoughts that get results.

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