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Thought Isolation: Maintaining a Healthy Mindset

Updated: Feb 14, 2023

We are currently in the midst of trying times. A global pandemic has disrupted the flow of business and life, causing many to panic or fall into despair. Others choose to examine current strategies, back up plans and emergency procedures. Still others choose to march straight forward without acknowledgement of the circumstances whatsoever. Whatever your course of action as you navigate the next few months of quarantine and containment, I encourage you to do it consciously.

What do I mean by this?

Take extra time to acknowledge the thoughts, beliefs, fears and conclusions you have drawn as you absorb the media or speak to friends. Where does your mind go? Challenge yourself to capture your stream of consciousness and then put it through some filters.

How are these thoughts affecting my actions and is this serving me (and my business and my family, etc)?

What kind of actions am I taking from my thoughts and feelings right now? Is this helping or hurting my business?

What is the temperature check on my drive, momentum and energy? Has there been a significant change and if so, what thought is driving that? (Experiencing a lot of fear? Check out Episode 15: How Do I Get Rid of My Fear of Failure on The Energetic Entrepreneur Podcast for a few thoughts that may help!)

What have I learned in the past month that might help me feel better prepared / resilient / confident for the future?

Just as we take steps to isolate and contain a virus, we can and should exercise this same type of caution with our own thoughts. Identifying and quarantining destructive or debilitating thoughts allows you to maintain a healthy mindset, leading the way to continued creativity, clear decision making and risk assessment.

Did you find a nasty thought-gremlin? Maintain at least 6 feet distance and don’t forget to wash your hands!

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