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How to Kickstart Your Life's Mission

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

I have a had a dream simmering in the back of my mind for 15 years. Fifteen! I don’t know about you, but I feel like that is a long time. My dream was to live every day helping other people fulfill their full potential. If that sounds vague to you, it’s probably because it is! But I knew what it meant, deep in my heart.

I tried to live up to this dream in every job I ever had (sales trainer, project manager, presenter, etc) using my natural gifts. In my case, I felt this was building strong connections with others through humor, positive energy and accountability.

Even though I was able to bring this forward in my 9-5 jobs, I always felt that I could be doing more. Have you ever felt that way? Like there is just something missing?

So, what was it that, after 15 years of dreaming, suddenly pushed me into motion to fulfill my own life purpose?

For me, it took my partner asking me one simple question as we walked along a beach in Sydney, Australia one day. He asked, “Bridget, what would you do if you had $100 million right now”. Without hesitation, I said I that I would start my own coaching practice, focusing on helping entrepreneurs grow their own businesses while they work their 9-5 day job.

He then said, “Ok, so what do you have to do first to get that started?”.

And that was it. I had to identify that first step. What was the very first thing I had to do to set this 15 year old dream into motion FOR REAL. For me, it was getting my professional coaching certificate. Within a week of that conversation, I had done the research and signed up with a certification program. And that sealed the deal. There was no going back from there. I had opened the can of worms and they were on the run!

And I haven’t looked back. That conversation on the beach took place 1 year ago. During that time, I have continued to work my full-time day job and I have launched my company, built a website and social presence, become a professional certified coach, coached clients, run workshops and launched The Energetic Entrepreneur online community an online community (for side-hustlers and solopreneurs). I am now in the process of launching a podcast (STAY TUNED!).

Has it been hard? Yes. Have I doubted my abilities along the way? Yes! But I have grabbed my mission with both hands. I have chosen to continue my full-time job and except how this will affect the time, energy and attention I can give to my own business. (That was a handy excuse that stopped me from moving forward for many years) Most importantly, I took action.

So here we are today. I can’t believe what I have accomplished in a year while working a full-time job. I am truly living my dream right now.

So I ask you…

What would you do if you were given $100 million dollars today?

What’s the first thing you need to do to get that started?

Fun fact, this is a picture from that very walk on the beach, one year ago. :)

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