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Is Your Motivation Low? Try one of these to reignite the spark!

Updated: Oct 15, 2019

When was the last time you took purposeful action to refill your inspiration bucket? It’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day of your business and life goals. It takes energy to keep driving toward those goals and this persistent drain on one’s energy resources can sometimes distract us from remembering that those very resources are not infallible! Unless you are an entrepreneurial energizer bunny, you most likely require a little top up in the motivation and energy department once in a while! So what are you doing to ensure your tank is full?

Next week I am off to a three-day intensive entrepreneurial conference. I’m pumped! More than pumped.. I’m buzzing with excitement! This is my jam, surrounded by 100’s of other entrepreneurs looking to seek new and innovative ways to grow or evolve their businesses. Networking galore! Opportunities for collaboration! If I could create the ideal scenario to recharge my batteries, this would be it!

Now, you may be reading that thinking, ummmm, that is MY WORST NIGHTMARE! That’s ok! There are lots of other ways to recharge your motivation and get those creative juices flowing again!

Focus Inwards

  • Explore a new book, blog, podcast or publication – feed your brain with exciting content to expand your horizons.

  • Take a break – recharge by giving yourself time to reset, think and dream! Make clarity and mindset a priority to bring out the best in yourself.

Expand Outwards

  • Join a relevant networking group, professional society or club – surround yourself with like-minded people, expand your network and feel the energy flow!

  • Join a Mastermind Group – What’s a mastermind group? It’s a structured group that combines accountability and support to drive its members to achieve their goals. Often, groups will be formed around a common theme or goal which helps the whole group move forward together.

  • Sign up to a conference, seminar or workshop – there is a LOT of opportunity here so be picky! Look for speakers, content or intended audience to determine if this event will deliver what you need to reignite.

Get Accountable

  • Talk to your ideal customer – create a focus group with your ideal customers to reconnect with their needs and wants.

  • Hire a Coach – Engage with a coach to define your goals, realign with your WHY and get cracking!

Is it time for you to refill your inspiration tank? If so, find the option that works for you and make your motivation a priority. Have a useful or unique technique for renewing your passion? Share it in the comments below.

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